The 3nd Mashhad Organo Food Exhibition and Food Festival, 2020

22 – 26 February, 2020

The Organic Exhibition of Mashhad focuses on the retail trade of organic food products. The Organo Food Exhibition is aimed at developing food quality, providing visitors a right understanding of organic products and expanding B to B business. This exhibition provides a special opportunity for trade buyers who are looking to source the best organic food and beverages. This event is specialized at organic products, medicinal plants, healthy food, certificated food, dried fruits and nuts, natural flowers and plants and home jobs. Concurrent with this event, Mashhad Food Festival is held in which the traditional food restaurants, fast food restaurants, coffee shops and confectionaries will participate.

Why should you participate iFood Festival Exhibition?

Why should you participate iFood Festival Exhibition?


This exhibition provides the opportunities as below:

  1. Direct product presentation and access of direct consumer market.(The most effective method of marketing is face to face marketing) this means, a person tries your products, satisfies with the quality and expresses the products quality and extends it in the society.
  2. You may express the diverse traits of your products in comparison with similar products.
  3. Your product sales will be assured when the costumers have good memories from your products. These good memories include staff behavior, good taste and verbally expressed traits of products which sticks your brand in the costumers’ minds.
  4. Consumers rarely buy unnecessary items from stores, but they buy emotionally in exhibition atmosphere.
  5. On one hand, the costs of television advertisements, billboards and the like are high, on the other hand the audiences of these advertisements are not potentially the customers. These costs are lower in this exhibition, additionally, customers visit the exhibition to get familiar with the new products and purchase them.
  6. Visitors of the exhibition spend their times to get familiar with the new products and purchase them. This period of time can be the best opportunity to advertise and introduce products in Khorasan Province.